Your Self Image

What is the image you have of yourself? Who and what do you think you are?

If your self-image is in conflict with your goals, the self-image will win out and the goals will fall by the wayside. Yet when your image of yourself is in agreement with your goals, those goals will be achieved in ways that seem almost effortless.

Who you think you are has a tremendous impact on the person you actually become. And fortunately, you can choose precisely who you think you are.

Others will often try to tell you who you are, but you don’t need to pay any attention to them. Instead, decide to see yourself as the person you would most truly like to be.

The way you choose to see yourself exerts a steady and substantial influence on all the other choices you make. And those choices add together to build the reality of your life. Truly see yourself as the person who can live the life you most sincerely desire to live. Who you think you are is precisely who you will come to be.

Remember, we all have habits that work against us or for us. The good news is that we can alter our habits by “ChangingĀ Our Attitudes To Change Our Lives”. A Productive Progressive Life Is A Choice. Everything we do is a choice, and we become the product of the series of choices we make, Therefore we must choose wisely.