Wisdom Keys

When Your Heart Decides The Destination, Your Mind Will Design The Map To Reach It.

The Clearer Your Goals, The Greater Your Faith.

Your Decisions, Decide Your Wealth.

Your Self Portrait, Determines Your Self Conduct.

The Instruction You Follow, Determines The Future You Create.

Mentorship, Is Wisdom Without Pain.

What You Respect, You Will Attract.

The Secret Of Your Future, Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine

Your Rewards In Life, Are Determined By The Kinds Of Problems
You Are Willing To Solve For Others.

The Word Of God, Is The Wisdom Of God.

Your Goals Choose Your Mentors.

Anything Permitted, Increases.

Anything That Keeps Your Attention, Has Become Your Master.

When You Want Something You Never Had, You Must Do Something You Have Never Done.

What You Repeatedly Hear, You Eventually Believe.

God Never Consults Your Past, To Decide Your Future.

You Cannot Correct What You Are Not Willing To Confront.

Conduct Permitted, Is Conduct Taught.

A Tired Mind Rarely Makes Good Decisions.

God Had A Son, But He Wanted A Family, He Sowed His Son To Create A Family.

If You Don’t Know Where Your Going, You Will Adapt To Where You Are.

Failure Is Not An Event, But Merely An Opinion.

Struggle Is The Proof, That You Have Not Yet Been Conquered.