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testimonialsI spent over a year looking for the right opportunity on the Internet. Then I found out about SFI–a great system that is really surprising me every day. I found everything I was looking for. SFI offers quality products, training, a support system, and a real job opportunity and better, from my own home. M. Go

SFI is simply the most incredible, productive, awesome, and absolutely best system I have ever seen. SFI is such a great and rewarding program. This is a must for everyone!!! All I can say now is, thank you very much, SFI. M. Miljevic

I have tried many online affiliate businesses and none worked for me until I was introduced to SFI. I saw a real, authentic and trusted online business and after joining, I’ve never looked back again. I am giving it 100% time and dedication. SFI is the place to be! R. Davis

I have been involved in many online marketing businesses in the past, but I have not seen one like SFI. It’s well- organized and simple. I have learned a lot since I became an affiliate. With all the free training tools, power tips and support from other affiliates, I know I will have a great future in this business! Thank you SFI! W. AHAMEFULA

I joined SFI in 2011. Worked for a month then left. I came back in 2014 and decided to become an active member, and I am so glad I did. I have earned a ranking of Bronze Team Leader and am working to get Silver. I am a retired school teacher, and this is a great opportunity to earn a little or lot of second income. M. Larzelere

I have been searching for proof that people can really earn money online. SFI ended my search and has given me a real source of extra income online. It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME; it takes time to build, but it is worth all the time and hard work. Thank you SFI. M. Vibar

With no internet experience, and no money, after losing my job, I joined SFI…After finishing the LaunchPad Lessons of 30 days, I made a pledge to myself to give it a year. After a few months, things started exploding! I went from a few affiliates on my team to hundreds! SFI is a great choice for anyone seeking a second income that could become a primary income and give you the freedom to “fire the boss”! W. Ireland

Where else can you find a FREE and established System that encompass network marketing, Internet marketing and eCommerce on a single platform? SFI is the answer for people wanting to change their life for the better! W. Siong

I wanted to learn how to market via the Internet, and I searched for a network-marketing company that had the largest presence and best training program. I chose SFI because Gery Carson made himself very visible and because SFI has the easiest-to-follow training program. G. Gul

In the beginning, I was very skeptical and decided to wait until I knew for sure that SFI works before recommending it to other people; and now I regret not joining earlier! You will have to do some work and log in everyday, but this will be time well spent. That, I can promise you! SFI IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A. Fourie

I’ve been searching for a very long time for a way to earn money from home. I’ve been scammed more times than I care to count. After all the rain, comes the rainbow, and SFI is like finding treasure at the end of the rainbow! I thank God for leading me to SFI! You are the answer to my prayers. Thank you SFI!
T. Aliment

SFI is amazing. The start-up process is the best I’ve ever seen. So many people desire a profitable home business and they just don’t get started. It is that simple. Action speaks louder than words. SFI motivates the start-up process. T. Mts

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