What Is Worry?

What is worry? Worry is intensely visualizing and imagining
the reality in your life of something you fear.

And as such, worry can be terribly debilitating. It can
often serve to bring about whatever it desires to avoid.

When you feel worry about to overtake you, stop. Stop that
worry in its tracks by considering all you have to be
thankful for, all the good things you’ve done, and all you
are able to do.

Focus your thoughts on the capabilities and opportunities
and possibilities you now have for creating meaningful
value. Feel the extent of your power and effectiveness
before you feel any fear.

Certainly it is useful and prudent to anticipate and prepare
for the problems that may come your way. Yet it is far
better to do so from a position of strength rather than
mired in the helplessness of worry.

Look confidently forward and know that you can deal with
whatever may come. Then get busy bringing the best you can imagine to life.