The Choices You Make

Every cause has an effect. Every choice has a consequence. If the consequences that come your way are not what you desire, there is a reliable way to change them. Simply make different choices. Fortune and misfortune are not random conditions. They are the result of choices.

The seeds you sow, from moment to moment, from day to day, are the seeds that will grow. The choices you make will determine the consequences you experience. Though that may at times seem like a burdensome responsibility, it is in fact a glorious opportunity. For it gives you the ability to point your life in whatever direction you choose. The choice is yours, in every moment, every situation, every dilemma, every decision. Choose a life that is full, with meaning, with joy and with purpose.

Remember: Small actions done consistently can yield big results. In less than one minute, you can read the message for a positive tone for your entire day. The day to improve yourself, help others and be happy is TODAY. In this defining moment, you can make that choice. Set the example by being the example.