SFI Forum


Accessible to all SFI Affiliates worldwide, the SFI Forum can best be described as a virtual classroom with 2+ million teachers and students.

At the Forum you can:

– Brainstorm with your fellow SFI affiliates.
– Get your questions answered 24-hours a day.
– Discuss business strategies and ideas.
– Find a mentor.
– Help other affiliates.
– Share concerns.
– Contribute feedback.
– Learn about exciting new corporate developments.
– Search, using keywords, to find information on almost anything related to SFI.

The forum is staffed by experienced affiliates who have volunteered to share their time and knowledge by serving as moderators. SFI corporate staff also personally stop by the forum regularly to add our perspectives and clarifications to the discussions.

The SFI Forum is currently divided into several individual sub-forums covering everything from the compensation plan to marketing methods to team building. There are even regional sub-forums where you can connect and brainstorm with fellow affiliates in your country and region! As mentioned in yesterday’s LaunchPad, there’s also an “Ask Gery” sub-forum which allows you to post questions directly to SFI president and founder, Gery Carson. There’s also an “Inspiration/Testimonials” sub-forum, exclusively for sharing inspiring messages and testimonials.

All together, there is a sub-forum for just about any topic an affiliate would want to discuss!

It’s true that success does not happen overnight but GRADUALLY through persistence and education. The SFI Forum is a perfect place to get that education, encouragement, and inspiration to help you make your SFI business into whatever you want it to become.

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To Your SFI Home Business Success,
Gabe Pesina