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This Is A Quick Start Summary Of
The SFI Online Business

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A. Who is SFI?
B. What Are Versa Points, Earning SFI Income, And FreeTraining
C. The Triple Clicks Product Store – Price Bender Penny Auctions



smallsfi (A) SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 80,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution. Anyone of legal age in his or her country can become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out an online registration form. There is no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind.

Once registered, affiliates are provided with (11) professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate. For each sale generated, SFI pays the referring affiliate a commission. Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups. SFI is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You will see the logo at the bottom of their web pages.


INCOME and TRAININGearnwhileyoulearn

(B) You will see the above bar when you login to your SFI back office. Click each tab to read the contents. This RED bar is your DAILY assignment list. The EZ and PB tabs are the TRIPLE CLICKS Store. These are optional.  As you read the contents on each tab the TABS will turn GREEN. You will be awarded Versa Points with each task you complete.  The Movers tab will show your new enrollees that are active in logging into their SFI back office. At the bottom of each tab page there will be a button that you will click to be awarded (1) Action Versa Point for each tab visited (AVP). You need to be on each tab about 10 seconds for the award button to be clickable. Don’t just click the tabs, read the information on the tabs. As you become more familiar with SFI, clicking the tab and getting the Versa Point reward is ok. Only after you understand the information on each tab. The award button is at the bottom of each tab. Once you click on the award button you will see this at the top of the page. YOU HAVE BEEN AWARDED THIS TAB’S 1 AVP

versapointsWhy Versa Points Are So Important!

Versa Points are used so you can participate in the Executive Pool to earn income. The more you score the more you earn. You can read more about this in your back office under the Income Tab, Comp Plan. SFI has 5 income streams, again, read more under the Income Tab, Comp Plan. The Executive Pool is one of them. This can provide you with big income along with the other ways to earn income with SFI.

DID YOU, Notice the RED tabs above. All your tabs will be RED and then will change to GREEN when you click the award button at the bottom of each tab. The WIN IT tab will stay Gray. Win What? Click the tab to find out. After you register to win. You will see the following message at the bottom of the tab.

You are entered into the Daily Grand drawing for Next Days Date will be shown (6 entries.) I have won various prizes 20 times. Your amount of entries is determined by how many Versa Points you accumulated the day before.

This is a Daily routine. Takes about 10 minutes once your a seasoned SFI business affiliate. There are also Weekly and Monthly Action Versa Points. Again, VERSA POINTS are only one of the ways to earn income with SFI. The reason the company gives you ACTION VERSA POINTS is to encourage you to read so you understand SFI. There is too much information to explain it all here. It is explained very well in your SFI back office. You must take the action to educate yourself about how SFI can provide you with monthly income.

sfiwithclock***SFI has 5 income streams that are explained In The Income Link***
See the black bar below

To earn even more TripleClicks Executive Pool shares which reward you with income, advance your rank from EA2 and become a Team Leader. All is explained in the Income Link in your SFI business back office.

A. As a Bronze Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs).

B. As a Silver Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 8 levels (including your CSAs).

C. As a Gold Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 10 levels (including your CSAs).

D. As a Platinum Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 12 levels (including your CSAs).

E. As a Diamond Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 12 levels (including your CSAs), plus double matching VP on affiliates on the 12th level.

Matching VP Example: You are an STL. The EA2s in your first 8 levels account for a total of 57,500 VP this month, so YOU earn a matching 57,500 shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Click the income button, comp plan on the black bar in your SFI back office.

TRAINING: Below is what  the Training menu bar in your SFI business back office looks like.  There is a lot of information available. Click each title on the black bar to become familiar with each topic. Do you see the INCOME LINK? This is where the compensation plan is explained. Go to your SFI business  office and read the information.


booksDo not get overwhelmed, take your time. This is SFI BUSINESS TRAINING. You can’t learn it all in one day or even a few weeks. As you click the links in the Black Training Menu Bar in your SFI business office and the Green Daily To- Do- List Menu Bar as explained above, you will begin to understand SFI. All of this training is free. This is why it is so important to login to your SFI business every day. You will learn more and more.

If you have a business and are only open 1 day a week sometimes 2 or only when you feel like it, and you expect to earn a lot of money, will this pattern of business work for you? The same goes for your SFI business. You must be diligent.

So with this said, login daily, learn something new each day and you will see the SFI business potential. You as a business owner, are responsible for your own success. SFI has all the tools and training available, but YOU must take action. I am also available to help.

Your 1st month with SFI you don’t have to spend any money unless you choose to do so. SFI will reward you with enough ACTION VERSA POINTS to qualify you for the 1st rank of EA. If you qualify again the 2nd month, you are now EA2. You need 1,500 Versa Points to qualify for EA and EA2 and you must maintain this rank each month. Success in SFI depends solely on your efforts. NO EFFORT, NO BUSINESS, NO INCOME. This is all explained on the Income link on the black training bar.



(C) Every business needs products. Triple Clicks is the SFI product store. You can access the Triple Clicks store from your SFI back office there is a Triple Clicks link you can click. The auctions button will take you to the penny auction webpage called Price Benders. Each time one of your affiliates make a purchase from the store, you will be awarded a 45% commission on what’s called the (CV) commission-able volume. Each products (CV) varies. When your referrals, and their referrals make purchases you earn(15%). You also earn Sales Versa Points each time you, make a purchase from Triple Clicks. You can read more in the income, comp plan tab in your back office.

Bonus, you can sell your own stuff at Triple Clicks. Your title will be ECA. E-Commerce Associate. All of your products will be hosted for you. SFI provides the website. How much will it cost you for your own E Commerce Website? Listen to this, ZERO if you already have a business website, otherwise it is a one time $40 fee. This fee is to prevent fraud. Read more how to become an ECA. Click the SELLING ONLINE icon at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Important: SFI has 5 income streams that are explained In The Income Tab. Again, Read and Learn.

PS: If you think you would like to play in the Price Bender penny auctions, let me know. I can give you some very valuable tips. I won this IPAD MINI 3 for $9.89 and about $19 in bids. Total $28.89. Free shipping included. Retail price $399. Spent about 45 minutes on this auction.

I also won 100 PSA’s for $13.50 and about $17 in bids, total $30.50. I only spent about 20 minutes on the auction. Retail price $270. This adds another 100 members to my SFI team. Just won 200 CSA’s for $3.32 with 60 bids ($17.40). This is good, helps grow my SFI team. I do have some penny auction tips I can give you. CLICK HERE to read how it works and see more WOW auction wins.



You will receive daily emails called Launch Pad Lessons. There are 30 Lessons that will help you understand how the SFI business works. Be sure to white list SFI so you can receive the emails.

launchpadYou will also see this button on the top right of your SFI back office home page. Take your time reading about how SFI works. There is a lot of information that will become more clear as you read.

NOTE: Clicking links contained in LaunchPad lessons will, in most cases, take you to pages in the SFI Affiliate Center. The Affiliate Center can be overwhelming for some people. Over time, everything will begin to make sense and you will be delighted that you have so many powerful tools to build your business with.”

testimonialsWhat Others Are Saying About SFI

  • I spent over a year looking for the right opportunity on the Internet. Then I found out about SFI–a great system that is really surprising me every day. I found everything I was looking for. SFI offers quality products, training, a support system, and a real job opportunity and better, from my own home. M. Go
  • SFI is simply the most incredible, productive, awesome, and absolutely best system I have ever seen. SFI is such a great and rewarding program. This is a must for everyone!!! All I can say now is, thank you very much, SFI. M. Miljevic
  • I have tried many online affiliate businesses and none worked for me until I was introduced to SFI. I saw a real, authentic and trusted online business and after joining, I’ve never looked back again. I am giving it 100% time and dedication. SFI is the place to be! R. Davis
  • I have been involved in many online marketing businesses in the past, but I have not seen one like SFI. It’s well- organized and simple. I have learned a lot since I became an affiliate. With all the free training tools, power tips and support from other affiliates, I know I will have a great future in this business! Thank you SFI!  W. AHAMEFULA
  • I joined SFI in 2011. Worked for a month then left. I came back in 2014 and decided to become an active member, and I am so glad I did. I have earned a ranking of Bronze Team Leader and am working to get Silver. I am a retired school teacher, and this is a great opportunity to earn a little or lot of second income.  M. Larzelere
  • I have been searching for proof that people can really earn money online. SFI ended my search and has given me a real source of extra income online. It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME; it takes time to build, but it is worth all the time and hard work. Thank you SFI.  M. Vibar
  • With no internet experience, and no money, after losing my job, I joined SFI…After finishing the LaunchPad Lessons of 30 days, I made a pledge to myself to give it a year. After a few months, things started exploding! I went from a few affiliates on my team to hundreds! SFI is a great choice for anyone seeking a second income that could become a primary income and give you the freedom to “fire the boss”!  W. Ireland
  • Where else can you find a FREE and established System that encompass network marketing, Internet marketing and eCommerce on a single platform? SFI is the answer for people wanting to change their life for the better!  W. Siong
  • I wanted to learn how to market via the Internet, and I searched for a network-marketing company that had the largest presence and best training program. I chose SFI because Gery Carson made himself very visible and because SFI has the easiest-to-follow training program.  G. Gul
  • In the beginning, I was very skeptical and decided to wait until I knew for sure that SFI works before recommending it to other people; and now I regret not joining earlier! You will have to do some work and log in everyday, but this will be time well spent. That, I can promise you! SFI IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  A. Fourie
  • I’ve been searching for a very long time for a way to earn money from home. I’ve been scammed more times than I care to count. After all the rain, comes the rainbow, and SFI is like finding treasure at the end of the rainbow! I thank God for leading me to SFI! You are the answer to my prayers. Thank you SFI!
    T. Aliment
  • SFI is amazing. The start-up process is the best I’ve ever seen. So many people desire a profitable home business and they just don’t get started. It is that simple. Action speaks louder than words. SFI motivates the start-up process.  T. Mts
  • CLICK HERE to read more WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about SFI. You can also select SFI affiliates from your country to read what  they say about SFI.

I’m Certain You Will Have Questions? Send me an email or we can exchange phone numbers and TALK. I Am Here To Help You With Your New SFI Internet Business. Once we talk you will see the picture. Try To Be available On Your Internet. We Will Go Step By Step.

sellingonline2Do you have stuff to sell? SFI will give you an e-commerce website for FREE , they will also keep track of your purchases. To learn more CLICK HERE

SFI also has a Forum where a lot of your questions have already been answered by others. Make sure to visit the Forum. The link is on the HOT SPOTS TAB on the black training bar. You can always email me. I am here to help you grow your SFI business.

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gabeTo Your SFI Online Business Success
Bronze Team Leader
Gabe Pesina