If you were someone else, what advice would you give
yourself? If you could step back from being you, and look
objectively at what you’re doing and how you’re living, what
changes would you recommend?

It’s easy to imagine the straightforward advice you’d give
to someone else, because you don’t have to follow that
advice. Now imagine applying that same level of honesty and
objectivity to your own situation.

Remember that you are not your problems, as intimate as
those difficulties may feel. You do indeed have the ability
to step back and to see clearly what you must do.

You have it within you to rise above every difficulty. You
are absolutely capable of knowing and doing what will bring
true fulfillment.

Take an honest, loving look at where you are. See the very
real and positive possibilities available to you.

Rise above the limitations you’ve been imposing on yourself.
Live your true values and fulfill the best that you know is
within you.