How 5 EA (Executive Affiliate) SFI Business Partners Can Explode Your SFI Income



How $36.25 Per Month And A Team Of 5 Duplicating EA’s, 
Plus “Bronze Team Leader Rank” Can Change Your Financial Future!


“The Duplicating 5 EA’s Strategy”

This information is for serious SFI entrepreneurs who have the determination to Build A Highly Profitable SFI business using a proven mathematical model based on actual figures from the SFI Compensation Plan.


(1.) Purchase 125 T-Credits Monthly For $36.25 = 1,500 Versa Points to qualify for rank of EA (Executive Affiliate). Set Up your Standing Order to automate this process. Congratulations, you are done with Step-1!

(2.) Advance to the rank of Bronze Team Leader. Only takes 5-PSA’s (Personal Sponsored Affiliates) and earn 3,000 VP.  I will teach you how to get the 3,000 VP and your PSA’s. Congratulations, you have completed Step-2! 


(3.) Keep sponsoring PSA’s until you find your 1st SFI EA business partner, then your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Help each of your EA’s to do the same. You are now Duplicating The 5 EA’s Duplicating Strategy To Explode Your SFI Income. Together we are now Duplicating our SFI business. Be persistent, Be patient, Believe in your self to accomplish the Duplicating 5 EA2 Strategy. Never Give Up on Step 3!
Congratulations, “You Are Building Your Tomorrow Today”!


graduates2Now, you are on your way to explode your SFI income. Just keep the momentum going and stay with “The Begin Smart Team” and your SFI business will begin to grow exponentially. Focus on being a Bronze Team Leader and you will advance to higher Team Leader ranks automatically, which creates more income. “You Are Building Your Tomorrow Today”!

PS: You can save your T-Credits for 2 to 4 months so you can be
competitive at the Price Bender Auctions. If you win, you get
part, all, or most of your money back. Plus you get MRP and
more VP. Double your MRP by playing in the 2X MRP Auctions. If, you are not understanding this EA Duplicating Strategy, you need to contact me or go back to your SFI office and click on the INCOME tab to learn more. You can also CLICK HERE

Here’s How It Works When “One” Of Your (PSA’s/EA’s)
Purchases 125 T-Credits Monthly For $36.25 and automatically receives 1,500 VP.

Direct Commission: (Per PSA/ EA) $7.95 and you also get VP Match for each EA in your downline (1,500 VP match is Currently at .55 for 1,500 TEP shares of the Triple Clicks Executive Pool). For each PSA/EA you will receive $7.95 plus .55 for Matching VP Shares EQUALS $8.50. With 5 PSA/EA’s you will receive 5 x $8.50 = $42.50 monthly. All commissions are paid on EA’s only. The EA qualification is a minimum of 1,500 VP. This is what makes the The Duplicating EA’s Strategy mathematically possible. It is based on the SFI Compensation Plan.

How Does TripleClicks Executive Pool Work? (TEP)

For EACH VersaPoint (VP) accumulated during the month,
you will receive ONE share of the month’s pool. The more VP
You and your Team score, the more you will earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool! Again, currently 1,500 VP = .55.

40percent2Note: 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase
company wide is placed into the TripleClicks
Executive Pool (TEP) for qualified affiliates to
share. Since Triple Clicks sales fluctuate monthly
so will the value of TEP shares.


As a Bronze Team Leader, you’ll receive matching TEP VP on all EAs in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs).

Your Total Earnings: $7.95 + .55 = $8.50 Per EA.
$7.95 for Direct Commissions and .55 for 1,500 shares of TEP.
All commissions are paid on EA2’s and above. You need Duplicating EA’s. Each EA must have a minimum of 1,500 VP every month. You get .55 per 1,500 VP down to 6 levels. Remember, you get 5 EA’s. They each get 5 EA’s = 25 active EA’s. Those 25 active EA’s get their 5 active EA’s = 125 active EA’s and so on.

(5 PSA/EA’s) x $8.50 = $42.50

$42.50 – $36.25 = $6.25 Profit Each Month

If you had 5 PSA/EA’s and you helped your 5 get their 5 PSA/EA’s and this continues, here’s how the Matching VP Bonus Pool money will look in real income.

(Everybody Must Participate at $36.25/month) This is called Duplicating EA’s.

Your Goal Is To Be Bronze Team Leader To Earn Matching VP On All 6 Levels.

Bronze Team Leader Qualifications: 3,000 VP each month and (1) PSA/EA.

Here’s How 5 EA Business Partners Can Explode Your SFI Business Income:

1st Level are your PSA/EA’s Of 5. 2nd Level are Your 5 PSA’s Doing What You Did And So On with all levels. Now we are duplicating. If this continues for 6 levels here’s how it will look. See picture below. Everybody gets 5 EA’s.

1st Level are your 5 PSA/EA’s

2nd Level = 5 x 5 = 25 EA’s With Duplication

3rd Level = 25 x 5 = 125 EA’s With Duplication

4th Level = 125 x 5 = 625 EA’s With Duplication

5th Level = 625 x 5 = 3,125 EA’s With Duplication

6th Level = 3,125 x 5 = 15,625 EA’s With Duplication

Example Of A Filled EA SFI Matrix For A Bronze Team Leader.
You Can See The Earnings For “Each Level” As you Build Your Matrix.

This Is For Illustration Purposes Only. “Your Efforts And Skills Will Determine Your Income”. There Is No Guaranteed Income In Any Business.


Here Is The Potential Monthly Residual Income
With The Duplicating 5 EA’s Strategy:

1st Level PSA/EA’s = 5 EA’s x .55 Matching Bonus Pool = $2.75 +
$39.75 in Direct Commissions = $42.50 monthly.

2nd Level = 25 EA’s x .55 = Matching VP Bonus Pool = $13.75
earned on your 2nd level.  Add Level 1 Money Of $42.50 + $13.75 = $55.75 earned on Levels 1 and 2 monthly.

3rd Level = 125 EA’s x .55 = (Matching VP Bonus = ($68.75 earned on your 3rd Level).  Add Level 1 and Level 2 Money Of $55.75 + $68.75 = $124.50 On Levels 1,2,3 monthly.

4th Level = 625 EA’s x .55 = ($343.75 earned on your 4th Level).
Add Levels 1,2,3 Money Of $124.50 + $343.75 = $468.25 For Levels 1,2,3,4  monthly.

5th Level = 3,125 EA’s x .55 = ($1,718.75 earned on your 5th Level) Add Levels 1,2,3,4 Money Of $468.25 + $1,718.75 = $2,187 For Levels 1,2,3,4,5 monthly.

6th Level = 15,625 EA’s x .55 = ($8,593.75 earned on your 6th Level) Add Levels 1,2,3,4,5, Money Of $1,718.75 + $8,593.75 = $10,312.50  For Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6  monthly.

Residual Income: Unlike a paycheck from a job, when you develop a “residual income” you don’t have to start from zero every week, or every month. You don’t have to start over from zero ever again. Residual income means never having to “start over once you have built a solid SFI business.”

provides all the Tools, Training, and Resources to help you make this happen.

heretohelpAs you can see, this will take time. If you are determined to build a brighter tomorrow, Today is the $mart time to begin. (BUILDING YOUR TOMORROW TODAY)

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graduates2To Your SFI Home Business Success,
Bronze Team Leader
Gabe Pesina