The Tools, The Products, The Process

The 1st tool you need is a copy of my online business e-book.
3-Steps-In Internet Marketing Success. This e-book explains
the tools that are mentioned below.

The following are tools that you need to have access to in order to follow the process in my 3-Steps-In Internet Marketing Success e-book.  These online tools are not an option, they are essential to your success and you need to learn how to use them. I can help you with the learning process.

You will need:

1. A full-featured autoresponder system (to build and maintain your list).
2. Capture Pages (to place people into your funnel).
3. Followup letters (to teach your list how to earn income online).
4. Of course you need an online business.
5. Teach your list members about Earning Income Online using these tools
6. A Word Press blog will make your online presence personal.
And ultimately what you need is an affiliate downline program that provides you with ALL of the tools in one package that you can offer and at the same time earn monthly commissions. My recommendation is (AIOP). They have everything you need at a very budget friendly price. Click this link All In One Profits to learn more.

If you join with me as your sponsor I will personally help you set up your Word Press website, your autoresponder, the messages for your autoresponder, your Lead Capture pages, and I will personalize my 3-Steps-In Internet Marketing Success e-book with your information to build your list. Since your on my website you are obviously wanting to know how to earn income online. My e-book is a common-sense guide to save you time and money. CLICK HERE to get your free copy . If you decide to join (AIOP), be sure you enroll under me. Gabe Pesina, my alias is (Begin Smart). Here is my All In One Profits link.

Well, what’s the process here?

Your #1 tool is your All In One Profits autoresponder, capture pages and blog. When you are advertising your capture pages, and when someone enters their information into your form, you have just added a new subscriber to your list.

This is an outline of the autoresponder/capture page process:

Step 1. Your targeted advertising sends traffic to your capture page
Step 2. Your capture page offers a free informational product if they join your list.
Step 3. Your prospect enters their information into your capture page and has just given you permission to email them your how-to-home-business information
Step 4. Your prospect receives followup emails from you with valuable information.
Step 5. Respect your members and help them succeed. Provide helpful resources to them.
Step 6. Again, if you decide that All In One Profits is for you, be sure you join under my name you will also see my alias (Begin Smart).

To Your Home Business Success,
Gabe Pesina
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