3-Steps In Building An Internet Business

Your Marketing Focus

What’s Your Focus?

Here we go…This information applies to the novice as well as the people that have been involved with an online business and haven’t been able to advance their business opportunity. There really is an answer if this is you.

Think about any and all advertising that you have running right now. Or if you don’t, try to imagine what types of advertising you’d do, and what your ads may say..

Questions: What is the focus of your advertising? In other words, when you advertise online, whether it be safelist ads, traffic exchanges, adwords campaigns, or any other type of online advertising, what is the “focus” of your advertising? What are you trying to DO when you advertise, specifically? When someone sees your ad ‘out there’, what are you asking them to DO in your ad? And where do people GO after clicking on the link in your ad?

The answers I most often get are: “My focus is recruiting, or selling, or sponsoring, or just making more money. The links in my ads are my direct affiliate links to the programs/products I’m promoting.”

If any of those terms fit what you’re doing, or what you’re planning on doing, or what you’ve been told to do in the past, we need to change YOUR FOCUS, before you even get started. I would like you to actually be successful here.

There’s only ONE thing, ONE word, that your advertising should be doing for you. That one word is: PROSPECTING. All of your advertising and promoting should be focused exclusively on finding new leads and building your prospect list. That’s IT. That is the front end of your business. That is the top of your marketing funnel. If your advertising is focusing on recruiting, sponsoring and selling, you need to STOP that right now before you spend another dime on advertising.

Now…What we’re going to do is basically create for you, the same formula for success that every internet millionaire uses in order to generate huge dollars online. You see, there really isn’t that much to internet marketing, as far as the actual process goes. Sorry folks, there are no “secrets” or “magic systems”. It’s all marketing, plain and simple. And it all comes down to three simple steps…

The simplest success formula, and the simplest visual representation of your marketing formula (without going into details), has Three Steps:

1. Focus your advertising 100% on building your list.
2. Build and maintain an ongoing relationship with your list.
3. Help the people on your list to be successful and you will be successful.

I know, at first glance that sounds simple and easy, and to some extent, it is. But that’s how the big marketers “do it”. As online marketers, we’ll often hear that the money is in your list. That’s true, but maybe a more accurate statement would be: The money is in YOUR ONGOING RELATIONSHIP with your list. That’s very important to remember because many of us make the mistake of building a list, then just sending ad after ad after ad to our list, hoping that someone will buy whatever it is you’re selling – then they wonder why people keep un-subscribing from their list. That, folks, simply doesn’t work anymore.

Okay, so we’ve got your basic 3-step marketing plan. In fact sometimes it’s a good thing for your brain to print out that simple 3-step plan and fasten it to your computer monitor. I know it’s only 3 steps right now, but remember, THAT is your focus from now on, so be sure you know those 3 steps mentioned above!

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To Your Home Business Success,
Gabe Pesina
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